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Web Maker: Forking and Fonts

I recently released v2.7.0 of Web Maker with 2 super useful features - Forking & Customizable fonts. Here is a bit about them.


Forking basically allows you to create a duplicate of any of your existing creation. This sounds like a small feature, but its usefulness is enormous. Forking any creation gives you the power to define templates. Say, your creations are mostly based on three.js and a three.js work requires a bit of same starter code always. With Forking now in Web maker, you do this:

  • Create a new creation.
  • Add three.js from Add Library option.
  • Add the required base code for creating a new three.js work.
  • Change your creation's title to: Template: three.js starter

Thats it. Now you have created a readymade template for starting any three.js work in future. How do you use it? Simply:

  • Click on the Open button.
  • Type in template to search across all saved templates (remember you named your template so).
  • Hit the Fork button on the the desired template. And done!

And all this user experience is completely accessible through just keyboard too!

Web Maker Fork Web Maker's Fork feature


Customizable fonts are something that developers always dig. And with the new generation fonts with ligatures, it has become more exciting to use them. With this new release, you now get 4 awesome fonts with ligatures (except Inconsolata) - Fira Code (now default), FixedSys, Monoid and Inconsolata. Big thanks to the developers of these fonts! If you want to see some other font as well, let me know in comments or on twitter.

I personally like the game-y feel of the FixedSys font. Now coding feels like playing a game :)

Web Maker FixedSys font FixedSys font in Web Maker

Hope it hear from you all about these new features. If you find them useful, tweet out your love to @webmakerapp. Oh, by the way, Web Maker has a chat lobby on Gitter. Join there if you need any help or want to say Hi. Cheers!