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My TODO after gaining financial freedom

Lot of times you go somewhere and see someone doing something, you feel you want to do it, at least try it out. I have a similar list of things that I want to try out. You could say I should be doing these things even now if I like them...and I mostly do. But there are somethings that need more of your time and can't be done alongside a day job - the below mentioned things are those. Things that I did like to try for a month or so. Hence, I wan't to do them after I have gained financial freedom.

Financial Freedom

There are many definitions out there for the term "Financial Freedom". So let me first clear what it means for me. For me financial freedom is when I don't have to work anymore for money. I'll have enough for my needs and wants.

My TODO List

  • Cab Driver - I want to be a cab driver for sometime. I like driving. I feel I like helping people reach their destination 😅 I might also choose to be a cab driver in a tech-savvy place like Bangalore where I could converse with my passengers and discuss tech with them, may be solve a problem or two for them - B.Tech Cab-wala? 😄
  • At a restaurant counter - I want to be at the pay counter of McDonalds or a similar place where I can take food orders, provide money change to customers and get them their food.
  • Weekly sessions to teach programming - I want to sit with kids and tell them about my experiences around programming (whatever I can remember and write by then). Guide them on how to be a good programmer and a product builder.
  • Fast food joint - I want to open a fast food joint...probably just a small counter under a big umbrella with some seating. Something I can take places and serve food. I specifically want to serve sandwiches & burgers and some drinks alongside.
  • Do customer support - I want to join a good company as a customer support representative for them. Customer support people are the people who interact with the customers the most and are make or break for any company. I have always fancied talking to customers and solving their problems. I already do some of it, but I want to do it full-time and really take it to the next level.
  • Play music in cafes - Ever since I saw people do live performances in restaurants, I have wanted to do this! I want to play piano at restaurants...and if they give, have dinner there every time I play for them. 😃
  • Live portraits at fairs - I like drawing. I want to draw live at fairs & children parties and entertain folks.
  • Wood workshop - I want to get a formal training in wood working and then open my own workshop to build custom furnitures for my customers.

Side Projects?

Just to be clear - I haven't mentioned "Side Projects" in my list above, doesn't mean it's not on my list. It's love for me, I don't think I can ever stop building products. I'll keep doing them, on my side, forever! ♥️

Do you have a similar list? Share with me on this Twitter post.