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Things I Don't Know as of 2018

This post is inspired by Dan Abramov's post where he lists out, yes, things he doesn't know as of 2018. On top of Dan's reasons, I am also writing this post to myself get clarity on the things I don't fully understand and things I want to learn next year. So here goes...

  • CSS Grid - I know I know, Grids are the best. Hard to believe, but I haven't used CSS Grids even once in any project yet. I have tinkered with them, but haven't got any practical need to use them over Flexbox.
  • Accessibility - I started focusing a lot on Web Accessibility (a11y) in 2017, thanks to my friend Jitendra Vyas. I take care about a11y in whatever I develop now. But the domain is very huge and there are many aspect I still need to learn about a11y (inspect me :)).
  • Responsive web design (RWD) - I feel I lack the right approach towards RWD. Whatever I implement still feels hacky and not-robust to me.
  • Docker performance - I started with Docker in late 2017 and have worked quite a bit. But the end results have been intolerably slow as far as performance is concerned. I still have to learn the internals of containers to have usable architectures over Docker.
  • Backend - I am a frontend developer and though I have worked a few times over backend code, I still am afraid to write one from scratch or maintain backend code. That is also the reason why my app Web Maker is completely serverless till date - hosted on Github pages and running serverless functions wherever required.
  • React patterns - I have tried React over 2-3 projects now. In fact I re-wrote Web Maker completely in Preact (lighter React) this year. But I feel my code could be much more concise and manageable if I know the many patterns out there.
  • Typing without looking at the keyboard - I still can't type correctly without looking at the keyboard for even a minute 😅 Moreover, I got a new keyboard and my type speed has severely downgraded!
  • SEO - Hardly know anything (maybe a point or two) in this space.

Now some non-tech things:

  • Being productive - I feel I have started procrastinating more and more 😛 Even more since I quit my job to become an indie developer. I need to get back on track soon and start shipping and learning.
  • Playing chords on Piano - I am able to figure out chords for a lot of music, but still not close to 100%.
  • Go to post something on twitter and get back without checking out my timeline - self-explanatory 😔.

TODO 2019

Finally here are few things I want to do in 2019:

  • Release 4 products that earn me money.
  • Deep dive more into Web Accessibility.
  • Launch the educational website I have been wanting to start (for years!).
  • Get my left hand to play without seeing on Piano. More practice required.
  • Draw more.
  • Stay like a kid :)