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I complete an year at Wingify

Today is quite a big day for me. Last year on this very date, I joined my first job at a startup called Wingify which was not much known name to me at that time. And today I complete an year working at Wingify and immensely proud and privileged of having been part of a bunch of talented geeks!


Writing this post, lots of memories of the past year strike my mind (whatever my short-term memory can recall). I still remember that day when I was about to join some other company in Bangalore and was all set to leave on Sunday. And two days before that I came to know about a startup called Wingify in New Delhi and that it was hiring. I was called for an interview the next day at Wingify's one room office back then, where I had the geekiest (and longest) interview of my life :P But seriously it was so much fun talking and discussing stuff at that 3 hour long interview which was taken by the geeky CTO of Wingify, Sparsh Gupta (btw, our cool CEO, Paras Chopra, was out for holidays at that time). Irrespective of my selection, I was happy to have talked to some awesome people that day. But thankfully I was selected for the job that very day (night to be precise) and there, I was saved from the employee exploitation machine I was going into :P We were just 7 people then.

Since then, it has been a journey filled with lots of learning, making awesome stuff and wonderful parties :)
Being a startup I have got the opportunity to work in various domains here which has really helped me grow, learn new things and become better at whatever I do. Here, I have created frontends, backends, doodles, christmas cards (this was a tough job for our team) and what not. And the most important thing which sets Wingify apart from the rest is the creative freedom and casual environment it provides to the team which lets us create better and better product for our customers.

Talking about the past year, one thing that I can't forget is the crazy trip to Thailand that we had on Christmas.

It was a wonderful experience going out with the team and I thank Wingify for that. There are a lot of short stories of that trip but lets not discuss them here :)

All in all, I feel really fortunate to be a part of Wingify and to be able to work with some freaky hackers here building a world class product that our customers love. Its altogether a different feeling to be in a small team (we are 10 people now) and share huge achievements together (we recently hit 1500+ signups and shifting to a better & bigger office soon). Hope to make more neat and wonderful stuff here.

And hey, we are always looking out for great talent out there. So if you think you have got it, reach out to us and be a part of this place called Wingify.

EDIT: And as an icing on the cake, I received a touch ultrabook from Intel today :D Yuhooo!!

Thanks Wingify!