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New web experiments!

Hey everyone!

This is my post after a long long time. Well, I am here to introduce 2 recent experimental web stuff I developed just to get the hang of HTML5, CSS3 and coffeescript and I must tell you that working with these super-awesome web technologies has been a great experience. They open a whole new world of possibilities where imagination can create mind-blowing things.


The first one of them is actually a small library used to create cool looking isometric text in the browser using CSS3 transitions and transforms.



This is a recent thing I have been working on. The inspiration behind this was the space invader made here using CSS box-shadow seeing which I though of recreating my complete site with zero images using only CSS pixel art. And so piCSSel-art was born.

Having the app done, I'll can now start working on my new website design which is gonna be hell lot of fun with this.

Try out piCSSel-art

Both the above experiments are in the open-source world for anyone who wants to tinker with them. So fork and play with them.



Let me know your thoughts, comments, suggestions on them.