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Ludum Dare 23!

Hey everyone!

Last weekend was just super awesome...it was Ludum Dare 23 - The ultimate 48 hour compo. The theme was 'Tiny World' and I was in this time (my 2nd LD). I chose to make a game on flash platform using the Flashpunk game library. The game is called SAVE ME in which you control a cute alien which is attacked by some evil species. You can jump on planets and even hop from one planet to another collecting the game power-ups.

Some points about this LD for me were:

  • Gave more time and priority to gameplay.

  • Drew quite a lot pixel art for the first time (it was fun).

  • Tried some new game mechanics.

  • Integrated almost all game elements (sounds really matter).

Play and rate my entry.

Now that the compo is over, I have played around 60 entries out which here are my best picks (in no order):

  • **Memento XII - deepnight: **As always, this entry by deepnight has mind blowing graphics. The pixel art is really good and gives a very nice feel to the game. Though being a point and click adventure type, I was not that a fan of the gameplay.

  • Astro Break - hulahulahest: This was a really well made contra style game. I loved the sprites and the whole idea of having a shoot'emup on a lil planet was greet. A game to play for powerups!

  • Soul Searchin' - MaximSchoemaker: A 100% into the the theme entry. A very well executed idea where the player can be shrunk and grown to clear levels inside levels...A nice level design too.

  • **Nook - PoV: **Another shrink/grow type jam entry which wonderful graphics and animation. The game is fun to play and effects are neat.

So go ahead, play them, rate them and be cool :)

If you wanna check out my game's source, it can be found on github.

Till next time, cya!