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Fun at Nasscom GDC BYOG 2011!

Hey fellow developers!

It has been a long time since I wrote my last post. Well, I have got a reason for this one :)

Four days back, Nasscom organized its third Game Developers Conference in Pune. What was different this time was the BYOG event conducted by the Indie Game Development India community. Yes, you heard that right a Build Your Own Game wherein a game was to be developed in 48 hours...savvy!

Unfortunately, I could not attend the awesome event this year. Nevertheless, I took part in the BYOG remotely. And what I came up with in this jam was Fun With Force. The theme of my game was 'physics'. Its a very simple prototype but I'm happy with the result. And yes...it won the 3rd prize in the jam :D

Fun with force


Let the developer (me) know your comments and suggestions.

More updates on my games coming soon.