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[Creating a LAN] Wireless LAN using ad-hoc network

This is the second part of the CREATING A LAN series - Wireless LAN.
You can read the tutorial on Wired LAN here.

Windows 7 gives you an option to form a wireless ad-hoc network without much configuration in few minutes.
Now some real stuff.

Requirements for this tutorial :

  • Upto 9 Computer machines having wifi.

  • Windows 7 OS (Windows Vista will also work)

(NOTE : The tutorial visuals shown here are of Win 7, though it would work just fine on Windows Vista also.)

STEP 1 :
On any one machine (which you want to create the network on), open the control Panel and go over to View network status and tasks.

STEP 2 :
Now click on Set up a new connection or network.

STEP 3 :
From the available options, select Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network.

STEP 4 :
Now you need to enter a Network name and a Security key for the new network. Anything of your choice.

Thats all you need to do to create a wireless network. Now its time to start it up and let others join.

STEP 5 :
(NOTE : Make sure WIFI on the machine is turned on before this step.)

On the same machine, click the network icon in the system tray. You will see the network name you just created in the list.
Click it to connect to it.

On succesfull connection, you would see Waiting for users instead of Connect button.

STEP 6 :
Now move on to other machines which you want to add to the network. Switch on their WIFI. Click on the network icon in the system tray and find the network we created in the previous step (test in our case). Click it and connect. It will ask for the security key which
is the same as we entered while creating the network.

If all goes well, you will now be connected to the network successfully.

Now you can enjoy your favourite lan games with more than 2 machines connected wirelessly.

Have fun.