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A supercool night with MOTION TRACKING

Hellooo everyone !

Last night while surfing on the web and reading flash stuff I came across Justin Windle's blog. He has done such awesome flash work...was really amazed to see it. And one of them is his motion tracking API. As soon as I read about it and saw the demo, I could not stop myself and immediately downloaded it to explore more. I made a small game out of it. This is what I came up with :

(Move your hand left-right to move the platform.)

The motion tracking algorithm is itself very basic but gives amazing results with little tweaking. One restriction though, you should have only one object moving on the screen (hand, head etc) to properly get it tracked to play the game. More about the API can be read here.

Its actually really cool to make your very own motion sensing game and play it :) I am surely going to explore it more and develop some good stuff with it, soon.

Download Source