Hint.css 3.0

A pure CSS tooltip library for your lovely websites

Download (1.7KB minified & gzipped) Hint.css is free to use for personal and commercial projects


Upgrading from v1.x: If you are already using v1.x, you may need to tweak certain position classes because of the way tooltips are positioned in v2.



First get the library from the github repo. Then in your HTML, include the library CSS:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="hint.css" />

Now, all you need to do is give your element any position class and tooltip text using the aria-label or data-hint attribute:

Hello Sir,
<span class="hint--bottom" aria-label="Thank you!">hover over me.</span

Hello Sir, hover over me.

Use it with other available modifiers in various combinations. Available modifiers: hint--error, hint--info, hint--warning, hint--success, hint--rounded and hint--bounce.