cta.js or "Call to Animation" is a light-weight performant library to animate your "action-to-effect" paths.

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What can I use it for?

Navigation in tile based apps

Click any tile below

Opening modals on button clicks

Click for awesomeness

Opening sidebars

Open the Sidebar

And just about anything...imagination is the limit

And why do I use it?

To improve your user experience by providing visual continuity.

Carefully choreographed motion design can effectively guide the user’s attention and focus through multiple steps of a process or procedure, avoid confusion when layouts change or elements are rearranged, and improve the overall beauty of the experience.
Google Material Design

Browser Support

cta.js works best on latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

For all non-supported browsers, the library does nothing and fallbacks to normal behavior without any explicit handling in your code.
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